"Good to Get Up in the Morning" -- Cahalan Morrison & Eli West at Cyprian's Feb. 12

"It may be hard to believe this is the voice and these are the words of a twenty-three year old, but it won't take but two minutes to believe Morrison is the real thing when it comes to roots music, with his effortlessly soulful voice and accomplished fingerpicking..."
-Bricks and Mortar Media, San Fransisco 2009
www.bricksandmortarmedia.com .

Cahalen Morrison hops "effortlessly from fingerpicking, to flat-picking, mandolin, clawhammer banjo, to lap slide guitar (not to mention that he is a trained and respected drummer). Cahalen’s writing encompasses everything from punchy political commentaries, to soul warming serenades, branching out into instrumental rags and fiddle tunes, yet still attaining his subtle musical signature." www.cahalen.com

Cyprian's sound, lighting and seating are all set for an evening with Cahalen Morrison and Eli West on February 12.