Glass House Opens for George Cole Quintet Saturday Night

Glass House, an acoustic fusion group comprised of beat-boxing vocalist Dave Worm and guitar virtuoso Mark Vickness and his exotic acoustic & harp guitars. Dave, whose many talents include founding the ensemble SoVoSo as well as being a founding member of Bobby McFerrin's Voicestra, has remained a regular performer with McFerrin, being featured on recordings, videos and touring internationally.

Dave teams up with guitar virtuoso Mark Vickness and his exotic acoustic & harp guitars. Mark’s interest lies in classical, rock, jazz, folk and even the sitar. Not to mention he’s also written several film scores and scored music for numerous dance pieces.

Together their songwriting, producing and performing experience blend to create music that’s an acoustic fusion combining guitars, 8 string guitar/bass, voice and looped vocal percussion in songs that incorporate elements of folk, rock, pop, jazz and Indian music. The group is based in Oakland, California.

Glass House will be performing songs from their new album, expected to release this June. Their new CD relies exclusively on David’s vocals and Mark’s guitars and tabla playing. All drums are done vocally by David while Mark will be playing an eight string acoustic guitar-bass.
That’s a lot of strings! And, we can’t wait to hear their cover of Robbie Robertson's Broken Arrow.

Glass House appears this Saturday night at Cyprian's at the corner of Turk and Lyon Streets in San Francisco as the opening act. Following them is headliner George Cole Quintet. One amazing night of music.

-- Larissa Zimberoff