Water Tower Bucket Boys Bring "Wide Open Spaces" to Cyprian's Friday Night

How many bands encourage fans to send in photos of themselves near water towers? But their music -- that's what sets apart the Water Tower Bucket Boys. In this clip from Wide Open Spaces, the WTB Boys revel in some real Pacific Northwest yearning:
"Well I just have to spend some time near the cold night sky for to give me satisified"
Here's just two of the raves for Portland's hot bluegrass band with their "three-part harmonies and tight instrumentals":
“They've adopted the intensity of rock and punk and channeled it into their songs and tunes...their far-ranging influences enable them to see the common ground between folk, rock, punk and even jazz, and they draw from this common ground to create their unique sound.”
-No Depression
"They have total control over everything they play and are a really tight accomplished band, their individual vocals all being well-suited to the type of song they lead on. Add this to their excellent harmonies, infectious enthusiasm and their ability to form and easy rapport with the audience and you pretty much have a complete package…"
-Maverick Magazine
Friday, Feb. 18, 8 pm at Cyprian's 2097 Turk (at Lyon Street) in collaboration with SF Live Arts (formerly Noe Valley Music Series)
Free bike valet parking, on or near major Muni lines, and free vehicle parking for patrons (see Getting to Cyprian's on this site)
Students with ID, kids, & seniors -- just $16 (at the door only) for 3 hours of Portland's prize bands
Second up from the north Jackstraw:
This avant-garde bluegrass band from Portland, Oregon plays on the cutting edge of acoustic music with wild solos and a great mix of traditional, original and inspired material Cartwright’s Music – Salem, OR
And then there's more and back to Cyprian's home ground:
Followed by the Bay Area's own The Brothers Comatose. You loved them at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, see them again at Cyprian's: